Monday, 28 March 2011

Modern technologies effects on Optimist Vs. Reality

Text messages... there are a million ways to read them.
Without body language or tone any words with my crazy head analysising them can be turned into the wildest of promises and the most harmful of hurts... add in my equally as crazy friends opinions and we can create a rainbow of meaning none of which is correct.
Even worse is when the Text messager themselves is confused about how they feel.

Ahh the brilliance of how my negative mind can turn a "i feel good about you today" into a "i normally find you unbearable but today your doing ok"

and my hopeful mind can turn a "I can't stand the thought of letting you go but i dont want to lead you on" into a "im unbelievably in love with you and being with out would break my heart"

But i suppose at the end of the day we could solve this problem by... hmm i dunno.
Mb just texting what me mean... as we mean it.
who have thought u could do that!

O and to that fuckwit... who supposedly loves me with all his heart and wants to one day marry me but needs more "physical attention" from someone who lives closer to him but when i live closer to him would like me back :
this is dedicated to u... u incredibly screwed individual:

Sunday, 27 March 2011

My love song on repeat: Keane - Somewhere Only We Know (Lyrics)

Realist vs. Optimist

I want to be an Optimist.
I want the five year olds theory on love to be the truth... simple, foolish but lost in the moment.
Its the moment a young boy says he likes a girl... and the word travels through the playground to her foolish ears... Its the moment she confesses how much she likes him and the unspoken understanding is met...
She is now his girlfriend and he is now her boyfriend.
I am confined to be a Realist.

I am confined to the laws of what is best for... what is most acceptable in societies eyes.
Its the moment a love is not snuffed out but pulled apart by what everyone else expects... like 1000 Kms wasn't enough.. a million voices say it cannot be until we ourselves believe it.
Two young adults... he loves her, she loves him...but societies necessities are to demanding... life to involved.. distance to great,
She is no longer his gf and he is no longer her bf.

Why couldn't we have been the optimists?
Why couldn't we have meet in a playground, dirt on our knees and just been lost in ourselves.. before the world began and expectations became so great?

Why did we have to be the realists?
Tears on our pillows... lost thoughts... whispered phone calls and loves songs on repeat.

A 6 year old asked me why?
Why if he loved me and i loved him, why weren't we together... and well the reasons although legitimate seem so small compared to the reasons to be with the one i love... I sat dumbstruck by a six year old
and suddenly envying her innocence and her simple school yard love theories...

Reality has given me one undying a powerful message...